People-based marketing is the highest need in bridging social media advertising and marketing technology. Some of our clients have large successful business operations offline and are looking for smart ways to leverage digital and social media tools to create organic growth opportunities. Our speciality is driving business growth either online or offline, with a 360 audience view, and exploiting digital and social media tools to do so.

We specialise in developing smart applications of social media marketing in the following areas:

  • Digital marketing strategy and dashboards
  • Advertising and marketplace platform technology integrations for cross-channel marketing and dynamic advertising
  • Advertising automation for website, mobile app, and store visit conversions
  • Marketing segmentation for people-based marketing
  • Audience affiliation insights for business plans, social media management, and awareness campaign audience builds

  • Personalised advertising strategy and implementation
  • Product catalog integration for Facebook shop and Instagram tags
  • Product catalog cross-selling, upselling and coupon offers strategy and automation
  • Change management and organic growth marketing consultancy
  • Reputation building and advocacy consultancy for individuals and corporations
  • Social employee connectivity, capacity and capability building (inc. employee value proposition and employer brand)

People-based sbConnector marketing is for identifying, measuring and tracking influencers and cohorts to build capability analytics and insights.

We use both proprietary and off the shelf social media tools for online and offline operations

sbConnectorTM is our proprietary social media tool designed to provide a new capability to connect and engage people on a range of selected social channels. The core product is a series of web robots and crawlers that can find and collate individual account information on mass from various client data sources, on multiple social media channels, and then conducts a range of automated interactions depending on the desired outcome.

The web robots are proprietary in house technology along with the know-how involved in developing the list of names for the client, selecting the preferred social media platforms, searching filtering and collating the social media ID’s, building capability and performance dashboards, integrating APIs, and designing the bidirectional information required between customer relationship management databases and automated engagement programs.

The sbConnector social media tool provides a number of new capabilities for our customers on their journey to becoming a social business.

sbConnector will build your capability to:

Visualize, measure and benchmark your organisation’s social media connectivity of individuals within a stakeholder ecosystem. Use social media data to deliver active data in your marketing program about customers, influencers, and other stakeholders.

Enable organisations to develop social media direct marketing databases and processes from their existing email and name based customer databases for loyalty programs, customer service, product recalls and remarketing exercises.

Enable the personalised connectivity and people-based marketing of large cohorts using social media such as the employee base of government and large corporates, organisation and association alumni, as well as potential students, customers, clients and collaborators.

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