About Us

sbFlourish is an audience-centric, people-based digital marketing business building smart applications for search and social media marketing to connect publishers, advertisers, and consumers. sbFlourish enables these groups to connect via personalised cross channel marketing solutions at scale. sbFlourish maximise the impact and value of your brands online across desktop, mobile, tablet and TVs.

Our vision is to increase scale and maximise the reach of your brand online by building smart cross channel social media marketing solutions and personalised advertising for your audience segment.

Why Choose Us? We’re Digital Connectivity & Capability Builders.

Technology Experts

New technologies, platform capabilities and processes for social business are emerging at a rapid rate. sbFlourish has the innovation culture and expertise to track and respond to your needs. We are continuously pushing the envelope of what is possible to create new opportunities for you to do smarter business in creative ways.

Relentless Innovation

Our relentless approach to innovation is essential as the power of social channels changes over time and there is a substantial first mover advantage e.g. email marketing once drew response rates of 30-40% but now is lucky to achieve single digits. Social connectivity is bigger than ever, it has just moved to new platforms with new opportunities.  

Depth Of Experience

Our people bring together more than 40 years experience working at the cutting edge of marketing, software engineering and data driven analytics. Our clients have included both large corporate, institutions and tech startups. We can understand your organisations challenges and use our unique capability to create new options and opportunities.



Jessica Sullivan

Specialises in using marketing and sales channels to positively impact the bottom line or create new business opportunities. She is an expert business consultant in leading the practical implication of a new technology solution, with some big corporate client success stories in using digital in complex and high volume operations to make a significant impact.


Prior to founding sbFlourish, Jessica had a career in marketing, public relations and media with a solid background in digital, technology and data within business consulting firms, startups, large corporations and institutions.


Her experiences in these businesses has highlighted to her the power of digital connectivity and social media platforms to open-up new business processes backed by analytics, automation and scale to become effective business tools.


Jessica has a unique combination of creative-right and analytical-left brain capable of speaking the language of a diverse range of client stakeholders. She is a perspicacious marketer with the ability to identify key problems and opportunities quickly.


Antonia O’Brien

Antonia O’Brien is a shopping ninja! With multiple national and local area store management positions under her belt at leading brands, she is in charge of business development across our retail clients. Her mind-blowing opportunities for your business merge the idea of frictionless commerce and all the aspects of online shopping with the aspect of traditional retailing that we all love; the tactile and social experience of shopping in the store. She doesn’t mind a pizza either. Needless to say, she is truly awesome!


Our Help Includes

Assessment to discovery – Identifying opportunities for organic growth is a two-way street. Firstly, we gather the necessary information about the current pain points and internal expertise, then we look at the figures to determine the best growth levers, goals and strategies you want to pursue.


Part of the discovery phase involves designing a trial that we can implement and measure before fine tuning to scale. We also like to ensure executive is involved with identifying trials with highest impact on competing business priorities.

Temporary Relief

Our assistance with implementation can cover everything or only specific areas of management facilitation and coordination depending on your available resources. Rolling our sleeves up onsite is also an option.


We are happy to hand hold teams throughout the implementation process to ensure we nail the strategic execution and use of digital and social media tools. We update executive on all aspects of the strategy’s key performance indicators.


We specialise in these industries:


Get connected and stay connected to your customers with more personal discernment than ever.


Engage and collaborate with your future students, current students, staff, alumni and community like never before.


Build professional connectivity and enhance your collaborative capacity along with insightful performance dashboards for staff, partners and customers.