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Reputation Management

Brands are the sum of their online mentions. sbFlourish curates mentions to ensure our client’s share of voice is consistently maintained on all searchable platforms, using audiences with genuine intent to both build reputation and grow a social business. We also optimise our client’s web presence according to their customer search journey.

Optimising for the web requires a detailed plan to match a customer journey with keyword search terms (or key phrases) and channels, then optimising and refining each source. This includes social media posts that are optimised with keywords or hashtags, and relevant marketplaces, directories and backlinks to give your brand a voice.

“We typically find that our clients experience dramatic increases in their traffic from  search due to our strategic optimisation”

Keyword Strategy

Ensure your site is ranking for the right search terms. We’ll reveal the most popular searches in your industry, which are the most competitive, and which are the easiest to win. This is based not on assumptions, but actual search numbers for related terms and analysis of competitors. Ensure your site is positioned to achieve best results with the most relevant terms.

Rank Management

We provide you with detailed information on the exact ranking positions of these targeted keywords, in every major search engine, for every page of your website. With this information we will know which keywords need improving in order to simply outrank or increase traffic, inquiries and sales, and can set benchmarks for future analysis.

SEO Consultancy

Monthly reports show how well each designated landing page is currently optimised for the selected keywords. We will then provide clear recommendations regarding each of the aspect ofyour keyword strategy which need optimising, advising you whether they need addressing or are satisfactory. Our ongoing PR activities will also deliver backlinks and social signals to further boost ranks.

Mentions Insights

Let us measure, track and benchmark your online mentions to provide analytics and strategic insights. Measuring online mentions is critical for tracking your business strategy. An online mention is the 21st century equivalent to a net promoter score, more relevant and active than customer segmentation survey data. Head to our blog or ask us why?


Consultation with one of our search professionals

We assist clients by liaising with the appropriate person / webmaster in making the changes to your channels to match our optimisation recommendations.

Google Adwords and Search Directories

Book a discovery meeting to find out if paid search is right for your business.

Ask us to review your Adwords account to help you or us to make improvement recommendations.

Get granular with your search strategy to increase conversion rates and decrease costs per click.

Improve your data feeds for better platform integration, account management and advertising.

Let’s have a discovery meeting.