Social Media Marketing

We all know how to find and network with someone on social media, but how do you find, network and interact with thousands to millions of targeted individuals? We all know how to use a personal connection to build a business collaboration, but how do large organisations track, measure and manage thousands of person to person relationships to know and build their reach and innovation potential?


sbFlourish brings you the power of personalised advertising at scale.


Our Approach


Find the social media accounts of those you would like to engage with and build audiences for programmatic media buying, marketing and advertising.


Take your social connectivity to the next level with personalised advertising at scale to surprise and delight your audience.


Use connectivity and performance dashboards to measure and build the digital capacity and capability of your organisation

We specialise in developing smart applications of social media marketing in the following areas:

  • Digital marketing strategy and dashboards
  • Advertising and marketplace platform technology integrations for cross-channel marketing and dynamic advertising
  • Advertising automation for website, mobile app, and store visit conversions
  • Marketing segmentation for people-based marketing
  • Audience affiliation insights for business plans, social media management, and awareness campaign audience builds

  • Personalised advertising strategy and implementation
  • Product catalog integration for Facebook shop and Instagram tags
  • Product catalog cross-selling, upselling and coupon offers strategy and automation
  • Change management and organic growth marketing consultancy
  • Reputation building and advocacy consultancy for individuals and corporations
  • Social employee connectivity, capacity and capability building (inc. employee value proposition and employer brand)


We specialise in these industries:


Get connected and stay connected to your customers with more personal discernment than ever.


Engage and collaborate with your future students, current students, staff, alumni and community like never before.


Build professional connectivity and enhance your collaborative capacity along with insightful performance dashboards for staff, partners and customers.